Why You Should Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Why You Should Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have filed a workers’ comp claim, you have the option of handling it yourself or employing a lawyer who will handle it for you. It may be best to choose the latter since obtaining workers’ compensation can be a complex process. An iowa workers compensation attorney can help you with your case. Here is some information about why you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

To Expedite the Process

A workers’ comp lawyer can speed up the progress of your case. If you, like many, are experiencing delays, a lawyer can identify and address the issues slowing your case down. For instance, there may be a holdup because you mistakenly failed to give all the necessary details related to your situation; a lawyer can ensure that you provide those missing details, prompting insurers to move your claim along.

To Negotiate With Insurers

An attorney can facilitate negotiations with the insurance company overseeing your case. It is widely known that insurance companies will do everything in their power to downplay the value of a workers’ comp claim. Communicating with insurers by yourself may prove difficult since they may be reluctant or even unwilling to disclose details about your rights as a worker. Instead of speaking with them yourself, obtain a lawyer who can lead negotiations and help you receive all the funds you are owed.

To Review Offers

A workers’ comp lawyer will be able to review any settlement offers you receive and make sure that they align with state law. Insurance companies often offer workers lump-sum settlements. You may be tempted to accept a lump-sum offer, but, before you do, note that these offers may contain stipulations that can prevent you from receiving additional benefits that could cover future medical care costs. A lawyer, who is well-versed in workers’ comp law, will be able to detect whether a settlement offer will maximize or minimize your benefits.

You can streamline the process of acquiring workers’ compensation by hiring a skilled attorney. An attorney should ensure that your rights are upheld and that your needs are met.