Anger Management Techniques

 Anger Management Techniques

Anger is something everyone feels, but if you’re experiencing too frequently or too strongly, it can become a real problem. These anger management techniques can help you avoiding taking it out on others or yourself.

Take a Class

Seeking the help of a trained professional can be very helpful. Now, there are even online anger management courses that let you learn from the comfort of your home.

Recognize Signs and Triggers

Noticing your feelings before they reach their peak is crucial for managing your emotions and reactions. If you feel the stress start to build, you can use other techniques to help yourself calm down before it’s too late.

Take a Break

If a conversation or task is triggering your anger, it is best to take a break for a moment. Excuse yourself and go take time to cool off and focus on something else for a while. You may worry about being rude by pausing a conversation, but it’s better than taking your feelings out on the person you were speaking to.


Physical activity is great for a few reasons. It is proven to reduce stress, which contributes to anger. It also releases endorphins that make you feel happier and more relaxed. It can even be a great way to channel your anger into something healthy and productive.

Face Your Feelings

Sometimes, anger arises because of another emotion you don’t want to face. Take some time to think about why you’re actually angry. Maybe you’re really sad or embarrassed. Identifying the true cause of your feelings will let you move past them.


When you catch yourself getting upset, stop to focus on your breathing, meditate or count to ten. Simple exercises like these can help you calm down and manage your feelings. The best part is, they can be done anytime and anywhere without anyone having to know.

Controlling your anger can be hard, but learning to properly manage your feelings is good for you and those around you.